Writer’s Round Table

Freddie Woltz ’20

Yesterday, the Woodberry community had the opportunity to hear from a panel of our very own resident authors. John Amos, Ben Hale, Jennifer Hubbard, and Ted Blain, all members of the Woodberry faculty and published authors themselves, made up the panel. The audience consisted of students and faculty alike, in a “round table” format. The discussion was student-led, with the floor open for questions and the panel responding likewise. The discussion mainly centered around the writing process, with each author explaining what they do to write their best, especially at a busy place like Woodberry, and how they are able to overcome the infamous “writer’s block.”  The authors also explained how Woodberry had impacted their writing, and how writing to “explore’ ideas rather than just regurgitate past experiences could also liven up one’s literature creation. Overall, everyone in attendance at the round table gained immensely, walking from that room with new tools to improve their own writing, along with a new perspective into how professional writers go about the writing process.

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