Ethics Bowl Team Places 3rd in Regional Tournament

Daniel Lee ’19

Note: The Ethics Bowl is a group-style debate designed to encourage discourse over important ethical issues.

This past Saturday, the WFS Ethics Bowl Team traveled to Collegiate for a day of rigorous deliberation and debate. This year’s team consisted of Reid Applestein, Ian Kim, Daniel Lee (Captain), Agus Tornabene, and Parker Watt.

The day began with a striking moment of déjà vu: a hard-to-call loss against Collegiate which bore an uncanny resemblance to 2017’s opening round. The following debates were hard fought, resulting in either close-call losses or blow-out victories.


The Tigers huddle in preparation for their presentation.

For example, in a debate over gun control, the team argued that that the right to self-defense could only be impinged upon if the gun control measure lead to a palpable and verifiable decrease in gun violence, an application of consequentialism.

Ultimately, the initial loss gave Collegiate the edge it needed to progress to the final against James River High School, leaving Woodberry with a 2-2-1 record.

Woodberry’s performance was truly remarkable considering the limiting circumstances. While most competing schools offered Ethics Bowl as an afternoon activity or a class, Woodberry’s team operated as a club, which entailed great time constraints—a mere three meetings in all. Despite these conditions, the team performed admirably, as even opposition coaches remarked the ease with which we worked.

A special thanks is due to Mr. Brazinski, the faculty adviser, who drove the team to the competition and supported them throughout the day. “I’m proud of how our boys did,” commenting on the team’s performance, “They earned 3rd place while also showing great respect to their opponents’ viewpoints and positions.” Of particular note, Mr. Brezinsky noted, was how “They eloquently articulated their stances and were one of the more confident teams at the competition. This team set a high standard for next year.”

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