Who Will Be in the Tiger Suit?

Charlie Moore ’19

As the game approaches, the players, coaches, and cheerleaders prepare for the biggest day of their season. But one person who is often lost in the midst of all the hype and fanfare is the occupant of historic the tiger suit. Because we at Woodberry care so much about our mascot, this is a great honor for that deserving boy. This year is no exception. Joey Rouijel, sixth former from Florida, is poised to do the job its justice. While there aren’t many tigers where Joey is from, he has made sure to prepare the right way. Joey spent his fall break in Washington, D.C. staring for hours at the tiger enclosure each day. He also made sure to learn the mannerisms of the greatest tiger ever, Tiger Woods. You might have even noticed Joey wearing a red golf shirt and black pants each Sunday since he got the position. If you see him fist pump like he just sunk a sweet chip shot from outside the green to win the masters as a celebration for a Woodberry touchdown, you’ll know why.

Joey’s music has been on point as well. His phone has been looping the newly resurrected “Woodberry fight song” for days. Joey even worked with his PR director and roommate, Campbell Alvino, practicing how to take pictures with young future tigers for their parents Christmas cards.

While music and PR are very important, everyone knows the most important job of the tiger is wrecking some new boys disguised as goons. Of course Joey is not on the football team, but that doesn’t mean his tackling skills are lacking. Joey has been practicing on his prefect, Mack Daniels for months, long before he ever knew he would be the tiger. I can guarantee that Joey will have impeccable form come Saturday afternoon.

With all of Joey’s meticulous preparation, he might be a problem for the cheerleaders to handle. To cope with this potential hazard, some cheerleaders will have chains with them on the sideline to keep Joey in check if need be. If you see Joey on campus before his glorious day, pat him on the back and wish him good luck, even though the goon squad will likely need it more.

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