Postgame with Walmsley and Antonio

Dylan Walmsley ’19 and Walker Antonio ’19

This is Dylan Walmsley ‘19 reporting… a day later! After shying away from a game in the rain on Friday, St. Chris, the 18th best team in the country, agreed to play the Tigers on Saturday October 27th. Because of the Saints’ ranking and their 80-5 goals scored to goals conceded ratio, the Woodberry Forest Tigers knew they would have their hands full this match.

The Saints lived up to expectations when they scored a goal in the 3rd minute. One of their top forwards received a ball on the right flank, beat me down the sidelines and crossed the ball into a cluster of bodies. A Tiger defender tried to clear the ball, which instead landed at the foot of a St. Chris midfielder at the penalty spot. He slid the ball past multiple defenders and into the goal. St. Chris had a 1-0 lead.

To build upon their momentum, St. Chris added another goal about 6 minutes later when the same Saint who scored the previous goal lofted a ball into the box, where 2x All-American Alexander Levengood headed the ball into the goal.

Despite being in a 2 goal hole 9 minutes into the game, Woodberry did not give up. In fact, immediately after passing the ball back on the kickoff, I passed to Charlie Ferrari ‘21, who then found Hugh Monsted ‘20 on the left wing. After beating a defender, Monsted played a perfect ball to a streaking Max Richter ‘19. At a dead sprint, Richter was able to knick the ball past the St. Chris goalkeeper, Robert Walmsley, my cousin.

After 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, no one knew how many more would pour in before the end of this game. Surprisingly, no team scored the rest of the half. St. Chris did test the Tigers’ defenders’ stamina, though. The Saints created many more opportunities, many of which Zack Woods ‘20 stopped in spectacular fashion. Woods showed both teams and the crowd why he received All-Prep honors as a sophomore.

The score at the break was 2-1, but a lot more action ensued halftime. That’s all from me here. Now to my co-writer Walker Antonio!

Thanks Dylan, way to wrap up the first half analysis in “spectacular fashion.” In the second half of the game, both sides started to go at it back and forth up the field. At this time, both sides began to get more and more physical on and off the ball. This would later cause many complaints and run-ins with the center referee.

Ten minutes into the second half, Alexander Levengood made a diagonal run behind Dylan for a through ball where he hit it one time into the far post of the goal. I cannot put the blame on you, Dylan…that was also my fault. While the 2x All-American was working hard, he was getting frustrated and was not able to create many chances for his teammates.

Within five minutes of Levengood scoring St. Chris’s third goal, Max Richter was able to hit a header over their keeper for the Tigers’ second goal. The score was then 3-2.

Then in the next 20 minutes, St. Chris was able to tuck away two more goals. The first goal was a volley from outside of the box, which hit Zack Woods right in the hands. Due to the harsh conditions both sides’ keepers were having trouble holding the ball. The 2nd goal was a penalty kick given up by Dylan Walmsley. From what we can see from the instant replay ( and pictures (@wfsfan), Dylan appeared to have gotten all ball, for even Alexander Levengood said that that was “one of the cleanest tackles ever.” Levengood tucked the pk away to complete his hattrick on the day. The final score was 5-2. The score line does not reflect the heart that the boys put into the game, and we will certainly be looking for blood in the postseason.

Dylan: Walker, what a game that was! Even though we didn’t come out on top, I will always remember the last time I played St. Chris in the regular season, especially the horrible PK called with 10 minutes to go. From your memory, how do you think that play unfolded?

Walker: Referees will always make bad calls no matter where the game is played. He did not have a good angle to see what truly unfolded, but from the position he was in, he only saw Levengood trip over your thigh.

Dylan: Well, you sure put that one bluntly. I couldn’t agree more, though. Levengood is a tough opponent, but his performance did not deserve a hat trick. Maybe one goal at the most. Walker, how do our chances look in the playoffs?

Walker: We face Trinity Episcopal School Friday at home, and we had already beaten them 3-0 before. While the score was 3-0, that does not reflect how strong a team Trinity is. We will need to make sure to slow their counterattack if we want to win. If we are able to do this, then I am confident in the Tigers taking home the W.

Dylan: I’d say you hit the nail on the head on that one! You and Max Richter will surely pull apart that defense and hopefully keep their counterattack from mustering any threatening opportunities. Even if they manage to create a few chances, Zach Woods and our defense should be able to stomp out any of Trinity’s flames.

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