Varsity Soccer Holds Collegiate to One Goal

Walker Antonio ’19

This past Tuesday, the Woodberry Forest Tigers traveled to Collegiate for their second Prep League match. Coming off a 3-0 win against Norfolk Academy, Woodberry was feeling very confident entering Tuesday.

The game was a constant battle up and down the field; however, the Woodberry Tigers allowed the Collegiate Cougars to dictate the game. The Tigers were not winning balls in the air or any 50/50 balls on the ground. The Cougars were simply out hustling and outsmarting the Tigers. Our defenders could not connect with the midfielders consistently, and consequently, the strikers were not able to get many chances. It was 0-0 entering halftime.

In the first minute of the second half, Collegiate was able to get the ball up the wing and crossed into the box. The ball bounced around for a couple of seconds before a Collegiate winger was able to slide it in off the post. The score was then 1-0 in the 46th minute. The Tigers then started to connect passes up and down the wings giving us more chances; however, once we got into Collegiate’s defensive third, we could not connect the final pass or get a good shot off. In the 70th minute, Max Richter worked to get around a defender, who had fallen onto the ball and held it with his hands. To get around him, Richter kicked the ball out from his hands, which led to a red card. “I thought it was unfair,” Richter said, “I did not get a warning or foul all game until that card.”

Working from behind, the Woodberry Forest Tigers were now man down and struggling to play through the fatigue. The Tigers continue their season against Veritas from Richmond this Saturday.

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