Varsity Soccer Takes Down Norfolk 3-0

Dylan Walmsely ’19

The Woodberry Varsity Soccer team took down Norfolk Academy this Friday 3-0. With an opportunity to beat a team in front of them in the rankings, the Woodberry Forest Tigers took the field with energy on Friday, October 5th. Norfolk Academy arrived after a three hour long bus ride and appeared lackadaisical throughout their warm up.

After a few messy minutes, the Tigers started to pick up speed, playing a ball down the left flank that eventually led to a corner kick. Hugh Monsted ‘20 recorded the Tigers’ first shot when he struck the ball from Max Weaver’s ‘19 service. Capitalizing on their momentum, the Tigers scored when Jack Sloan ‘20 showed off his cannon and threw the ball into the box where it bounced around a few times before Alvaro Garcia Valdecasas ‘21 crossed the ball and Monsted placed it into the back of the net. 1-0 Tigers in the 18th minute. Minutes later, Tommy Handlesman ‘21 played a ball down the right side for Max Richter ‘19 to run onto. After beating a defender, Richter rolled a ball across the box to a wide open Monsted, who punched another goal in for his second of the day.

From that point on, the Tigers were in control. The rest of the first half featured outstanding defense from Charlie Ferrari ‘21, a few corner kicks from Walker Antonio ‘19, and solid midfield play from Max Dupont ‘19. Every Tiger was hunting, and they entered the break with a 2-0 lead.

To start the second half, the Bulldogs caused a real scare for the Tigers when a backside runner almost headed the ball into the next on a corner kick in the 48th minute. However, the near-goal opportunity woke the Tigers up, and they re-established the momentum, almost scoring when Sloan played a long ball to a streaking Richter who took out the keeper in a dead sprint. The Tigers were close to scoring another goal when Weaver sent a ball to Monsted to the left corner. Monsted played the ball with one touch to Richter who was waiting in the box. After taking a few touches, Richter ripped a shot with his left foot that a Bulldog defender deflected.

Woodberry did not get discouraged. In fact, the Tigers scored 10 minutes later off Richter’s shot to the left side of the goal. The goalie even got a hand on it but could not stop it. The Tigers led 3-0 in the 65th minute. After this goal, the Tigers generated a few more chances including a Sloan header from Antonio’s corner kick. Norfolk Academy had their fair share of chances as well, but they could not finish one, as none of them were too threatening for the Tigers’ backline.

When the final whistle blew, the Tigers delightedly ran to the sideline after a well deserved victory, making their overall record 6-4-2.

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