JV Soccer at Episcopal High School

Mayowa Gbadamosi ’21

The Woodberry Junior Varsity soccer team traveled to Alexandria, Virginia to play Episcopal High School.  After a slow start on a rainy day, the Tigers lost 0-2.

Early in the first half, the Tigers gave up a foul leading to a counter attack down to the corner flag where EHS played in a cross where goalkeeper Jonah Marshall came out and snatched the ball out of the air. The Tigers were able to get the ball down to the attacking third until EHS started putting on high pressure leading to them getting the ball and allowing a fast break leading to the first goal after ten minutes for the Maroon. Bryce Reid gave a valiant effort trying to contain the EHS right wing, but they were able to slip the ball just past Reid’s foot to be finished off by a Maroon forward waiting in the box.  

This season, the Tigers have struggled with getting midfielders to drop back and help mark men near their own goal essentially leading to the cause of the first goal.

“The Tigers started playing as individuals,” manager Adam Henegan stated, “Instead of as a team. This ultimately was the cause of the second goal when Aidan McManamey fouled a Maroon inside the box in the 20th minute. Jonah was extremely close to saving the penalty getting his fingers on the ball however it was not enough to keep the ball out of the goal.”

After that, the Tigers had started working together and maintained possession of the ball for the majority of the rest of the half. We were able to move the ball down to the corner flag and cross the ball to Sam Crosby who narrowly missed the post right before the half ended.

 “In the first half,” Henegan said. “We were playing as individuals instead of as a team which is what led to us conceding two goals. During the second we needed to be able to communicate with each other and not be selfish to have a chance at winning the game.”

From the start of the second half, the Tigers were pressing the Maroon and gained possession in the early stages of the half. In fact, we mostly maintained possession in their half of the field the rest of the game. This leads to multiple opportunities but unluckily for the Tigers, the shots were either off target or plucked out of the air by the Maroon goalkeeper.

One of the times, the opposing goalkeeper punted the ball upfield and got past our midfield, defender Mayowa Gbadamosi was able to get between the ball and the attacker and was able to clear the ball to half field. This, unfortunately, resulted in an injury though. An unexpected event took place when number 23 on EHS performed a class act to check on Mayowa asking if he was okay. Thankfully, he was able to go back in after that.

For the rest of the half, the Tigers gave it their all putting forth all of their efforts. They had chance after chance but still could not finish on goal. The only way the Maroon could keep us from getting more shots on goal was to foul us which was frustrating until they fouled Woodberry right outside of their box. With less than two minutes left, the Tigers had their last chance to score and chose Johnny Russell to take the free kick which went just over the crossbar.

The final score was 0-2, which dropped the Tigers’ overall record to 0-3. This Tuesday, Benedictine gives Woodberry a good chance to put their first W in the win column and satisfy the home crowd.

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