Mountain Biking: Interview with the Coaches

William Jordan ’18

What do you think about spring season?

Coach Jesse Woody:

“Spring season has been really good, particularly with a lot of the new guys who put in a lot of work. It shows through the talent and willingness of each guy who wants to finish all the races. The older guys, including [William Jordan], JD Diefenbach, and Stephen Pappas, and everybody that put in work over the winter came in really fit and are really pushing the limits.”

How do you feel about coaching?

Coach Parrish Preston:

“I have been learning from the other coaches. They’ve impressed, amazed, and inspired me everyday with their work ethic and dealing with bikes every day as if it is a part of their life. It is inspiring to come down to the bike room and listen in on the daily planning. Every day is a great day to get after it, and it has been one of the most humbling experiences amongst these cyclist. I consider this coaching experience to be a privilege.”

What are some of the pros and cons that have occured this season?

Coach Woody:

“For the most part, everyone is very motivated, and there isn’t a ton of mumbling on the stuff the guys do in practice. We were able to get a lot of really good riding in compared to the previous spring seasons, so that was really nice. Some cons that have occured this season are things that we weren’t able to do with the program, especially near the end of the season. When everything is compressed with all of the races in this fine period, the final couple of weeks can be a little hectic. I would say that some of the bikes are getting beat a little bit beyond the point of no repair. A lot of time goes into making sure things continue working,  and I love working on the bikes and equipment.”

Coach Preston:

“A huge pro, honestly, is every single practice. Especially with these new guys, being able to see how much better they’ve gotten as riders. They’ve progressed as riders, and that’s always been the goal. We’ve accomplished that every single day of practice. However, it is hard in such condensed weeks to show off and show hard work. It would be nice to space out a little more and get the guys to see there tangible progress, but like I said, it’s the nature of the beast.”

What have been some of the highlights this spring?

Coach Woody:

“All the guys in the varsity category have been knocking on the door of the top ten consistently over the whole season. That’s been impressive, especially with the depth of the varsity field, and even finishing in the top 20 is good. Particularly JD, who has been in the 12th,13th, or 14th position, has been very impressive. JV guys have been doing the same thing, especially when Cooper Fowler stopped getting into wrecks and started doing really well by finishing in the top 10. Outside of race results, Nick Reeder made an improvised sling for a kid’s arm with his jersey at the MSA race which was pretty legit.”

Coach Preston:

“Some of the highlights I’ve seen in the races is the grit of the JV guys. In one of the early races, Owen King flatted and ran his bike in. Also, Riley Cluff had some mechanical issues early on in one of the races and wasn’t able to finish, but he came back stronger in the next go at it. Seeing guys really push themselves to a point which they can show their willingness to not give in has been very impressive. King has been the major JV scorer and has helped us get some points, and everyone has pushed hard to follow along beside him.”

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