Semi-Formal Fun

 Edward Solms ’18

   The post semi-formal buzz is totally gone now and morale is back to a crippling low on campus. So, in order to push us through to Long Winter Weekend, I think it would be beneficial to look back on the highlights of the Weekend:

  1. Although it cannot be confirmed, Max “Ritz” Carelton was seen holding a more than three second conversation with his date at the dance.
  2. Ellis slid into the DMs of every single girl in attendance.
  3. Mr. Reimers was seen cracking a half smile for the sixth time this century.
  4. It has been confirmed that Spencer Dearborn did not receive too severe a concussion from crowd surfing.
  5. The Mountainbrook order was at record low this year with a drop of 15% from the past year.
  6. A certain student–you know who–asked his parental permission to take a girl on dorm, it was denied.
  7. There were reportedly a few 8th graders at the dance, which raises some serious questions for the status of the school.

     All in all we made it through the weekend without major incident and had a pretty good time. Now, as we descend into darkness, we can hold these memories within us to strengthen our resolve and get us through one more Woodberry Winter.

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