Mr. Reimers’ Birthday!

Spencer Dearborn ’18

Today’s the big day! It’s Mr. John Reimers’ 984362 birthday! To celebrate, he’ll smile for the first time this year, eat a larger bowl of dry oats than usual, and crack open a book of his favorite Shakespearean jokes! The Oracle is celebrating by taking a look back at some highlights from Reimers’ long and illustrious acting career. You might not be aware of his contributions to the screen–he’s too humble to share–but we did some detective work, and found everyone’s favorite Tar Heel in some pretty iconic roles over the years. Let’s take a look:


Kreacher, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: We begin with a lesser known role: Kreacher (pronounced “creature”). You may know this bubbly house elf for his hospitality towards Harry and company, but you likely never knew he was actually Reimers underneath a thin layer of makeup. Despite the undersized nose, it’s hard not to see the resemblance, though. I think we can all agree that this is one of Mr. Reimers’ most convincing performances.


Mr. Burns, The SimpsonsA more recognizable role from the small screen, Reimers did not physically act for the part of Burns; rather, he only provided his likeness for the cartoon rendition, although I think a little bit of that signature Reim-dawg charm slipped into the character too.


Yoda, Star WarsYes, one of the most iconic supporting characters in film history was played by John Reimers. Surprised? Don’t be: their personalities are exactly the same. In an interview, director Irvin Kershner stated, “We gave [Johnny] a script, but he threw it out and improvised every single line. The results were amazing, albeit incredibly confusing.” Does that not sound exactly like a class with Reimers? Just a bunch of seemingly nonsensical babble that somehow leaves you feeling enlightened.

Please wish Mr. Reimers a very happy birthday when you see him, and be sure to congratulate him on such a fantastic career in both acting and teaching.

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