Mr. Daly

Austin de la Torre ’20

Mr. Daly, now in his second year at Woodberry, teaches 5th form biology, enjoys running, and coaches the long distance sprinters during both the indoor and outdoor track seasons. His students describe him as an energetic and enthusiastic teacher.

One of the things that drew Mr. Daly to Woodberry was the fact that he could both teach a subject and coach a sport. Always having loved math and the sciences, it was in college when he considered teaching as a career option. He attended Williams college, and when he had the opportunity to get a taste of teaching he knew it was what he enjoyed. He says he was attracted to Woodberry because of its unique community. He is a resident of the Walker Building and can often be found walking the halls or helping helping a student with their work. He recalls one of his favorite memories at Woodberry when we hosted EHS for a soccer game last year. He says, “To see so many students down there cheering on the soccer guys was just awesome. It was a Tuesday night, and to have so many people down there to support their friends says a lot about the community.”

Coming into his second year, Mr. Daly has shifted his goal for his students. He says that he is entering this year with the goal of not just making sure that his students understand the material that his class covers, but that they can leave his class with a newfound passion for learning and the scientific thought process. He notes that being younger than most teachers here, he has the opportunity to relate with students, and he tries to use that to inspire his students even more. With this goal, Mr. Daly often leaves his student with a different view on science than they did before. Whether it be in the classroom or on the track, Mr. Daly has had a major impact on Woodberry in his time here, and he will certainly continue to do so only while looking to find new ways for his students to leave his classroom inspired.

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