Woodberry holds St. Chris to 0-0

Max Weaver ’19

This past Friday, October 27th, the Woodberry Varsity Soccer team faced off, on home turf, against St. Chris.  The result would turn out to be an astounding 0-0 draw.  Coming into the game, the Tigers were extreme underdogs; the St. Chris soccer team was ranked 1st in the state, and 49th in the nation, while the Tigers were 9th in the state.  

The Saints started off the game with the ball, and continued to keep the ball for much of the remainder of the half.  They dominated the possession, limited the Tiger’s attacks to few and far between, and kept the Tigers pinned in their own half under high pressure.  But this pressure wouldn’t amount to any goals October  17, 2017.     Woodberry Forest Soccer vs FUMA.because center-backs Dylan Walmsley and Gray Hathaway, and defensive-midfielder Andrew Jacobs locked down the dangerous area at the top of the 18-yard box.  The Tigers’ biggest scare was a shot from far outside the 18-yard box which ricocheted off the crossbar and into the hands of Zach Woods, the Tigers’ goalie.  For the first half the star St. Chris strikers were left empty handed.  

The Tigers would start the second half with the ball, and this was the half that they sunk into their groove.  The Saints’ attack lessened from an onslaught to a slow assault.  The Tigers began to posses more and seep into the Saints’ half, and through this possession the Tiger’s would see their best opportunities.  Great opportunities were afforded to attacking Tigers who were repeatedly sprung behind the Saints’ back line.  Also, on one play, it seemed sure that the Tigers would be awarded a penalty, but the event passed unnoticed by the watch of the referees.  Although the game panned out to be a draw for the Tigers, it boosted them into 7th in the state, and were awarded a first round home game in the VISAA State Playoffs against 10th ranked Collegiate on Friday, November 3rd.

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