The Woodberry Tigers Fall to the Collegiate Cougars, 28-31

Kyle Kauffman ’18

When two big cats meet each other, the interaction is bound to be wild. Such was the case for this past Friday’s Varsity football game, which resulted in the Woodberry Tigers’ tooth-and-nail, 28-31 loss to the Collegiate Cougars. Collegiate had the home field (habitat?) advantage, as the Tigers took them on under Friday night lights in Richmond, Virginia players included fifth-form wide receiver DeQuece Carter, who ended the day with three touchdowns, a kickoff return among them. Sixth-form running back Coleman Bishop threw up 7 points for the Tigers as well.


“We scored with one minute left in the game, and were getting ready to celebrate,” commented offensive lineman Drew Kwon. “Then, Collegiate scored with two seconds left. It was devastating.”


“Everyone played his heart out,” remarked sixth-form wide receiver Will Wallace. “But we need to continue focusing on the small things.”


The defeat sets the Tigers’ overall record back to 3-2. They hope to make good use of their bye-week in order to prepare for the October 21st game against Benedictine.

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