Students Hold Memorial for Woodberry Cup

Edward Solms ’18

On Saturday, September 8th, the Old Boys, along with a few enlightened Newboys, held a memorial service for the Woodberry Cup in front of the wall that once held the great Woodberry Cup team murals. When asked his for opinion of the “The Cup,” as it was lovingly known, one student responded, “Now how will I waste my time?” I remember my days as a Cup enthusiast, proudly wearing my Glover’s Grizzlies shirt, mindlessly ambling through the woods, playing some game I didn’t know the rules to, and, most importantly, strengthening my bond with the underclassmen. I don’t remember any of my team members names, but I am sure we had a strong bond. The ceremony was full of tears, but also laughs from stories we told of great victories and close defeats in the games that captivated us and gave us great pride in the school. At the end of the ceremony we burned every flag that bore the Woodberry Cup crest and dumped the ashes in the Rapidan river. As we held hands and wept in the knee deep water, the realization struck us that even after death, the Woodberry Cup was still able to unite us all. Goodbye old friend.

Categories: Humor