Student Body Transfers All Library Books; Move Accomplished in Less Than An Hour

Article Taken From Oracle Volume LVII November 8, 1958

The new William H. White, Jr. Library was ready for use after supper on November 4. That afternoon the entire student body turned out to carry five thousand eight hundred books in the old library to their appropriate location in the new.
The idea of this book brigade was not a new one. It was originated at Mercersburg Academy and Lawrenceville, where are the students carried from 6 to
10 books each.

The plan worked smoothly here also. The line was supervised by the Board of
Prefects, who made sure that no books or boys went astray. The entire move was
organized by the Librarians, Mr. and Mrs. Grenfell and Mrs. Holliday. The complete
cooperation of the prefects and the student body made it possible for the whole
operation to be completed in just 59 minutes.


A lounge area for the students sits where the Headmaster’s table once resided.

The new library contains many improvements over the old one. The Librarians will now have adequate office space, which was lacking in the former. The books are more easily accessible in the new library than in the old, for there is more floor space in which to spread out the shelves. There are also a greater number of seats for the casual reader to use. The William H. White Library will be dedicated Saturday, November 22,
along with Hanes Hall, the building in which it is contained. The speaker at the
dedication will be Colgate W. Darden, President of the University of Virginia.

Vol 57 No. 3 1958-11-8 p1ocr copy2 copy

Original image out of the The Woodberry Oracle Volume LVII November 8, 1958

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