Varsity Soccer defeats EHS 1-0

Max Weaver ’19

September 19, the Woodberry varsity soccer team faced off against Episcopal High School on the home turf of the Maroon.  The Tigers would go onto win the game 1-0.  They started off the fir

Frido Wagner kicks the ball

st half with the ball in their possession and would continue to possess the ball for the remainder of the half.  Offensive opportunities came throughout the first half, sparked by the Tiger’s center midfielder, Frido Wagner, and by high scoring striker Chuksi Emuwa.


On the other side of the ball, the Tiger’s defense, led by fifth former Dylan Walmsley and sixth former Gray Hathaway, defended with prowess and dominance, allowing only a few select chances for the Maroon’s strikers.  Though the Tiger’s offense led an onslaught against the EHS defense, the score after the first half stayed a surprising 0-0.

Chuksi Emuwa ’18 shows his ball handling skills

The Tiger’s came out fierce in the second half, largely keeping the Maroon confined to their own half.  Finally, Chuksi Emuwa was sprung free, finding a weak spot in the EHS defense.  He took a shot at the Goon’s keeper who deflected the shot right onto the feet of midfielder Tadiwanashe Sithole who coolly scored the winning goal, putting the Tigers up 1-0 with about twenty five minutes to go in the final half.  The Tigers played a very compact, defensive game, allowing EHS more time on the ball but not allowing any serious opportunities.  The Woodberry varsity soccer team will play its next game on Friday, September 22, at Christ Church.

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