Young Republicans Set Up Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Andrew Jacobs ’18


The Young Republicans, headed by Hank Harler ’19 and Dean Browning ’18, have set up a fundraiser to help with relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas in late August, leaving behind a death toll of 70 people as well as serious damage along the state’s eastern coast; Houston and Galveston suffered billions of dollars in flood damage. The Young Republicans, lead by faculty supervisor Mr. Guldin, sprung into action.

Working as a team, they came up with a plan to help out those affected by the storm.

“Mr. Guldin gave us the idea of helping with Hurricane Harvey, and William McAdams came up with the strategy to gather the money and where to send it,” said Hank Harler ’19.

Collecting jars were placed in the Fir Tree in the School Store, and they were an immediate hit: students donated over $500 in the first night.

“Everybody is willing to help out in any way they can,” said Harler. “Whether its a student or a staff member, when an opportunity presents itself…they’re willing to do anything they can.”

The money will go to McAdams’ church in Houston that will use the money to buy supplies for those whose homes and possessions were lost in Hurricane Harvey.

The Young Republicans are now in the process of putting together a fundraiser for those affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida.

See their story below:

“What started out as an idea has become a school-wide project to assist the victims of hurricanes nation wide. The advisor to the Young Republicans, Gregory Guldin, suggested to club leaders Hank Harler and Dean Browning that the Young Republicans have an opportunity to lead the school in a Hurricane Harvey relief effort. William McAdams, club member and Houston resident, offered his assistance and contacts, namely ‘Father Bob’ at his local church, the St. Francis Episcopal Church. Mr. Guldin and the three members met several times to collaborate in figuring out what the best method might be for helping out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The group decided that the best way for the Woodberry community to help out would be to collect money that could be used for the church to buy supplies for those victims whose houses and possessions were washed away in the course of a weekend. Now, after seeing the similar damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the Young Republicans have decided to donate a portion of the money raised to relief efforts there as well. To raise money, the group decided on two methods: one: to put 5-gallon water jugs in the Fir Tree, student store, and Terry Dining Hall that can be used as collection points for all members of the Woodberry community willing to donate as they walk past. Second: the Young Republicans have set up a Go-Fund-Me page for members of the extended Woodberry family to make contributions as they see fit.  The Go-Fund-Me page may be accessed at the following link Us Woodberry Boys see this as an opportunity for the entire Woodberry community, past and present, to come together and make a difference for a good cause.The jugs will be collected and the Go-Fund-Me page will close on September 30, 2017.  We hope that you will join us and show the world what it means to be a part of this Woodberry community, an entity greater than any one of us!”


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