Where will the Class of 2017 be in 20 Years?

Lee Caffey ’17 and Parker Jacobs ’17

Lee Cozart –DKE House at UNC
Adam Fleck – Fantasy Baseball League Owner
Alex Krongard  – Living with Houyoux

October 19, 2014.  Woodberry Forest School Mountain Biking

Roommates stick together

Andrew Haley – Giving Sermons at Community Churches across America
Anthony Sleiman – Waiting on an invite
Basil Boyd – Trying not to be fat
Bebe Olaniyan – Finally washing his socks
Ben Lytle – Admissions Director at HPU
Bennett Parks – Trying to defeat Mr. Incredible
Billy Solms – Fighting Shapism
Brendan Burke – Lower DF Bathroom
Brooks Murphy – Still with Wang
Calder Clay – Hangin with Mr. A and Mittens
Carter Friddle – Mill’s apartment
Chapin Silva – In jail for money laundering during his campaign
Charles Hargrove – Trying to be a Vineyard Vines model
Charles Moorman – Following Trevor Barker
Chas Sigloh – Still trying to concoct a clever tweet
Chris Oldham – Teaching classes at Saint Mary’s
Clay Tydings – Gas Grill Salesman
Clayton Noyes  – Whereabouts unknown
Connor Koch – Trophy Husband
Cordelia Hogan – Alternative Model
Corey Pierson – Skating in Baltimore
D’Angelo Davis – Sculpting his body on the West Coast
Daniel Porter – Teaching the perfect form tackle on Bengal Football
Darius MacKay – Telling people to quit calling him Dare-Bear


Dare-Bear won’t stop.

David King – Yet to leave an All-Boys community
David Vu – Bringing Rapidan Club back to Vietnam
Dawson Duckworth – Chasing Rocco
Derek Lora – Bumpin on the Jersey Shore with Diaz
DeTrea Smith – At Coach Dawson’s house
DW Cardwell – Still with Abby
Efose Oriaifo – Four Gold Medals in the Triple Jump
Elliot Connell –  Affronti 2.0
Evan Bubniak – Master Debater
Garrett Venable – Recipient of the Medal of Honor
George Williams – Hot Tub in Oxford
Greg Manning – Coachella
Gresham Walmsley – Still working on his jumper
Griffin McDaniel – Sixteenth year as a Woodberry Latin teacher
Hayes Jiranek – Still recovering from African disease
Hayes Johnson – Tailgating at a Panthers Game
Henry Joyner – Still holding on to Cheerleader title
Jack Hallow – Getting hair plugs
Jack Parker – The island
Jack Perdue – Training Vizsla puppies in Somerset, Virginia
Jack Quinn – Still trying to have extended conversations on the sidewalk
Jack Rixey – Working at a Surf Shop at Fig 8
Jackson Monroe – Still working on the Talon Board
Jackson Purrington – Billy Huger’s brother-in-law
Jake Cooper – Living in a vape shop in NOVA
James Carrington – Working on Men’s Fashion in New York
James McCoy – Married to Cordelia


Wedding music plays in the background.

James Wilkins – Passing off as a Sports camper for his 35th summer
Jerry Yan – Yakuza gang lord
Joe Stephenson – Still drilling at West Point
John Kirven – World’s Largest Croc Collector
Jonathan Hernandez – Trying to find his nose
Josh Diaz – Touching people too much
Josh Kearns – Still planning Senior Pranks
June Pyo Suh – Still getting over jet lag
Keen Griffin – Yik-Yak
KJ Pankratz – Alpine Tower with Wilford
Lamar Mallory – Throwing Timbs in Robinson
Lee Caffey – Headmaster at Madeira
Lindell Stone – Being held hostage in Jake Cooper’s House
Mason King – Alchemist on Wall Street
Max Park – Trying to find his real name
Maxwell Barnes – Avoiding Kerns
Michael Warren – Running a health center for lanky children
Nathan Janney – Mayor of Fredericksburg
Parker Jacobs – Keeping the Toilet Paper alive
Patrick Scruggs – Vegetable
Philip McManamy – Wheelchair basketball
Philip Williams – Wearing his letterman
Randolph Walker – Minor League Soccer goalie
Richmond McDaniel – Playing pickup in the Dick gym
Riley Buettner – Hair stylist in Miami
Robbie Grass – Working on his social life
Rocco Zaytoun – Publishing a groundbreaking study on Raleigh moms
Ryan Kacur – Trying to rid the world of Latin
Sam Lowres – Door Repairman
Scott Gullquist – Trying to be cool
Sutton Mahon – CEO of Fifield Companies
Tae Min Kim – *&#$^@%$
Terrell Jana – Bernie Sanders of Canada
Thomas Bledsoe – Keating’s basement
Thomas Williams – Living with Peter Lonergan in Orange
Thong Nguyen – Back in Nam
Tiger Wu – Still acting like he can’t understand English
Tilden Winston – Boy Scout Scoutmaster
Trevor Barker – Following Charles Moorman


The Adventures of Trevor and Charles.

Wallace Bruner – Running from Lester
Warner Cohen – Standing on the other side of the Wall
Will Lenhart – Nicaragua
Will Medick – Cadet at VMI
Will Slicer – Ski Instructor in Utah
William Harris – Woodberry’s Choir Director
Wyant Wharton – Still on Gap Year

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