Senior Pranks in 1991

The following image comes from the May 10 issue of The Oracle in 1991.

It reads,

Top Ten Senior Pranks We’d Like to See

10. Cows in Lassiter Lounge

9. Mr. Gillespie’s van on blocks in front of the Walker Building

8. Padlock the doors of Mr. Wright’s house

7. Drive Snorkelift to the Jamesway

6. Switch furniture in Residence with Mr. Soudek’s living room set

5. Ex-Lax in the soft serve ice cream

4. Cover Mr. Stancill’s desk with Easy Cheese

3. Toilet paper the lawn

2. Send Paaaaaancaaaaaake to S.P.C.A

1. Let the hems out of Mr. Blaine’s pants

IMG_0720 2

The original article found in the May 1991 Issue of The Oracle; photo taken from Woodberry Forest Archives, courtesy of Karen Culbertson

The obvious question remains: Which ones were executed? Clearly, there were some creative minds among the senior class in ’91.  Some could still be pulled off today–so do your best to avoid the ice cream machine until graduation.  Any ideas, seniors?


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