Varsity Lacrosse Season Recap

Edward Solms ’18

Coach Spotty Robins knew that this season would be test for the boys of the Varsity Lacrosse team . Facing an extremely strong schedule, Coach Robins knew that the team needed to not only be physically ready, but mentally ready as well. In years past, as Coach Robins says, “Lacrosse was something guys would go out and do for fun, they just wanted to play with their buddies.” With the strength of their schedule, the Lacrosse team would not be able to have any significant success without something to unify them all. So, Coach Robins, along with coaches Mr. Gay,  Mr. Marr, and  Mr. Affronti, developed a set of values to which the players could turn when the season got tough. These values were Toughness, Respect, and Humility. Coach Robins defined toughness as “Both physical and mental, being able to eliminate distractions and focus on your job.” Respect toward “the officials, the opposing team, and your own teammates.” And finally, Humility as “We knew that we were going to be humbled a few times this season, so when we were on the opposite side of that, we wanted to conduct ourselves with humility and class when we were up big. Because we’ve been in their shoes before.” With a unifying set of values, the team had a much deeper connection and would be able to face down their toughest opponents.

The value of toughness was shown during the game against Christ School. Powering on despite the absence of five starters, the team relied on “young guys, like Taylor Tucker, who scored four goals, to rise to the occasion when their number was called.” This game was a hard-fought victory for the Tigers. Battling back from a deficit in the first half, the Tigers dug deep for an overtime win. Coach Robbins quoted Coach gay in saying: “Last year I don’t think we would have won that game, we are tougher, more confident and a lot stronger as a team than in years past.”  This toughness was also prevalent in the game against Saint Christopher’s.

April  28, 2017.    Woodberry Forest Lacrosse vs Paul VI LAX

All eyes are on Head Coach Spotty Robins as he directs the Tigers in game.

The Saint Christopher’s game marked a turning point for the lacrosse team. “It had been a couple years since we had a Prep-League win, so this was huge for the guys psychologically to know that they can do it and they can play with anybody, now the mindset has to be we can go in and beat these guys despite college commitment and state rankings, if we play our game.” Using the momentum gained from this win against the Saints, the Tigers would continue on to defeat Benedictine the following week.

With the close of the regular season, the Tigers now continue on as the VISAA #8 seed team, they will face off against Cape Henry Collegiate on their first stop on the road to the State Championship. The Woodberry Lacrosse team has marked a turning point in the history of the program. With a firm set of values, upheld by the boys, the foundation has been laid for strong program for the future generations of Woodberry Lacrosse.


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