Mr. Tisch

Wilks Rogers ’19

For seven years Mr. Alex Tisch has brought joy and knowledge to the Woodberry community. He teaches conceptual physics, general physics and coaches football and wrestling. He is described by his students as a hands-on, enthusiastic teacher. Mr. Tisch was an intern at a day school in Connecticut right out of college and, through that school, Mr. Tisch discovered Woodberry.  Simply put, he was blown away by the history of the school and its mission. Mr. Tisch stated, “If I had gone to a boarding school, [Woodberry] would have been, not only my number one pick, but my only choice.”


Mr. Alex Tisch

Mr. Tisch’s favorite part of Woodberry is the trust in the community. He comments that one never has to worry due to the honor code, whether that be leaving a backpack in the dining hall, or cloths in the laundry room. Also, teachers can trust students not to cheat, which is rare for many schools. Mr. Tisch’s goal for each of his students is to instill a lifelong passion for learning. He says, “Be a life-long learner.” He wants the boys in his class to appreciate learning and its applications in the real world.


Mr. Tisch leading the JV Wrestling team

When asked about a memorable time here, Mr. Tisch spoke about his mother’s passing. During football practice, the team met as they usually do but this time it was a little different: right before the practice break down they all said, “We love you coach Tisch.” This memory stood out because it showed Mr. Tisch truly how much his students and players cared for him.

Mr. Tisch is a great member of the Woodberry community. He brings enthusiasm and excitement into his classes and onto the field. He is a fantastic teacher and coach, and Woodberry boys are lucky to have him.

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