Swim Season

Ben Lundy ’21

Start of Swim Season.

The swim season started with a week to ease newcomers into the season with 1 hour swim

December  13, 2016.      Woodberry Forest December Invitational Swim

From left to right:   Kyle Floyd ’20, Jackson Monroe ’17

practices and some dry land training. This first week of the swim season was meant to ease everybody into the pool and see what level everybody was at. We mostly worked on our freestyle stroke, since it is the most basic. We mainly did small sets with drills so people understood exactly how you were supposed to properly execute the stroke.

Values of the swim team & “Miracle”

There was one day where we didn’t have swim practice or dryland, and instead we gathered in the Brown Lecture Hall to watch the movie “Miracle”, here what the coaches expected of us, choose team captains and go over team values. The movie Miracle showed us what being part of a team really means and the responsibilities you must carry to be a principled member of the team.

Difference of swim meets in Bahamas to Swim meets in American High Schools

The first different thing I noticed about American high school swim meets to the ones I competed in while living Bahamas was that some events were missing. The only 50 event was freestyle and the only 200 events were the individual medley and freestyle. There were also relays at every meet instead of having relays at the big meet at the end of the season.

Christmas practice

Two days after Christmas I said goodbye to my mother at the airport and boarded my flight which would take me to the airport in North Carolina. Then I would meet up with the rest of the varsity swim team who I would be doing exhausting swim sets with for the next week. The first practice was not meant to be challenging, but to give us a rest for the

December  13, 2016.      Woodberry Forest December Invitational Swim

Ben Lundy ’21

upcoming practices. After the first day practices from then on became more and more rigorous such as when we did a set of 80 100’s in a 25-meter pool which ended up with all of us dragging ourselves out of the pool exhausted and energy spent. I am glad I went on that trip and glad that I sacrificed a week of Christmas break I could’ve spent in the Bahamas, relaxing in Atlantis, not just for the experience, but because it was the right thing to do when it came to being part of a team.


Preps summed up is the large meet for JV but is also a last chance meet for swimmers who are just milliseconds off the cuts to get into states which is the large meet for Varsity. The drive to Virginia Tech where Preps was held started at 6:45, so we had to eat our breakfast on the bus. When we got there, it was 8:30 and our warmup started at 9:00.

Taper and getting ready for States.

Although, I’ve done taper before in Bahamas I’ve never done it the way Mr. Guldin has us undertake it. Taper summed up is gradually reducing the amount of yardage we do and the difficulty of sets each day. On “I believe Day”, which was on the 14th of February, the entire swim team brought a motivational quote to practice and wrote it next to their name

December  13, 2016.      Woodberry Forest December Invitational Swim

Chas Sigloh ’17

on a bed sheet. The swimmers who had made States and were going, added their goal times for their two events that they will swim at States. The bed sheet with the goal times and quotes on it will then be taken to States and whoever has the best swims will receive the bed sheet as a trophy. On the second to last day of States the swimmers who are attending States for the first time get their head shaved as part of the swim team tradition. I know that we as a team have been through a lot and that we will achieve and accomplish our goals at States and that everyone on the swim team has trained heavily to get to where they are now.


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