Mr. Frazier Stowers Interview

Jamie Woo ’19

Woodberry’s cold winter is heated up with future tigers hungering to enter the Forest. Frazier Stowers’ 04, a former prefect, came back to Woodberry in 2016 to serve as the director of admissions. I interviewed Mr. Stowers some questions that the Woodberry community and future new boys might be interested.

(Quotes are shortened or modified for conciseness)


  1. What qualities of future tigers are you looking for?


“ I understand that a majority of our applicants come from middle school experiences,


From Left to Right: Frazier Stowers ’04, Eli Drake ’20

coming from various backgrounds. Some may have opportunities that others may have not…such as after school clubs, athletics, or fine arts. Wherever they are coming from, we seek boys who has shown academic success and growth, along with spreading a positive influence within the school community. We also hope that applicants reach out in pursuit to some passion that they have or starting to have. It can be anything…playing the violin, being part of a boy scout…any unique experience to pursue an interest of theirs! We wish future boys could discover how Woodberry can be a perfect place for them to grow and develop as a person.”



  1. How does Woodberry stand out compared to other schools?


“Woodberry has a commitment to be an all boys, all boarding, independent school. I am proud to say that we have a clear vision for what we hope to do and hope to serve, ensuring every program keeps a specific group (teenage boys) at the heart of its focus. Woodberry is


Frazier Stowers ’04

also unique being one of the few all-boarding schools. All boys are involved in a holistic and similar experience, no matter where they are from. Waking up from the same dorm, participating in similar activities, playing together as a teammate…all of these qualities bring equity and commonality to all the boys. This experience, which I personally also underwent,  lends itself to boys developing close relationships with not only each other, but also with teachers, coaches…even the staff members.


  1. What does the admissions office play in the Woodberry Forest community?


“The admissions team is in service to the school for its vision. I think we serve as a liaison to the outside world and the school. We are responsible for ensuring everything on this campus is well known within the greater community outside for Woodberry Forest. This is because the next boys who would shake Woodberry’s future will learn about us and come! Woodberry depends on committed boys who come here. We also take care of past, present, and future families who have done great contributions to the school!”


From Left to Right: Frazier         Stowers ’04, Josh Odoom ’19

  1. Any messages to the applicants?


“If you are interested in Woodberry Forest but unsure, we strongly recommend you to talk to one of the alumni or parents about their experience.. But most importantly, come visit the campus and participate in an overnight experience! Walk alongside with the old boys. Experience a seated meal, a saturday class, or dorm life after study hall. This will help you fill in the gap of not knowing and allow you to understand what it is that boys experience here. Come visit and check out the balance of athletics and academics pursued in a determined and discipline manner, and see if Woodberry might be your future home!

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