Spotlight: Mr. Huber

Wilks Rogers ’19

Paul Huber is a connection. A connection between alumni and current students. Many alumni are taken back to their Woodberry days when they see Mr. Huber. He is a bridge between that time and now.

Current and former students can tell you about the hard work and dedication that Mr. Huber has to his students and the Woodberry community. You can often find him in his classroom grading tests or conducting consultations. He is always available to help his students. Mr. Huber started his career in 1972 and is now teaching his 45th year at Woodberry. He and Mr. Reimers both arrived that year and have seen a combined total of 180 parent weekends. He was a student from 1964 to 1968 when the headmaster was Baker Duncan. Mr. Huber has taught under six different headmasters since he has been a member of the faculty. The two headmasters that Mr. Huber worked with the longest were Emmett Wright and Dennis Campbell, each for seventeen years. He currently teaches French 1 and 3 and two Latin 1 classes. Mr. Huber has taught Latin for eleven years and French since 1972. He taught Spanish from 1996 to 2008 and once taught Japanese in the early 90s.2016-5-22-senior-shake-lh-1105

When asked about his favorite memory at Woodberry, Mr. Huber smiled. He said that it would take him months to figure out his favorite for he has too many. However he does have a favorite time of the year. He says The Game weekend and Alumni weekend are his favorite time because it is uplifting to see alumni come back to the school, to witness how much they love the it and how much they appreciate their experiences here.

I asked Mr. Huber if he had any advice for the students. He said, “The best rule in life is to treat all living beings with kindness and respect.  Question everything you read, everything you hear, and everything you are taught.  Try to approach everything with an open mind.   Realize that learning can and should be fun.  Learn all that you can because you never know what might be useful to you in life.  If you try hard to be positive and reach for the best thought that you can reach for in any given situation, good things will happen in your life in ways that will surprise you.” This really shows how Mr. Huber teaches his classes. He keeps his students engaged and makes them want to learn more.huber-paul-ag

Mr. Huber is valuable to Woodberry because he is a connection between alumni and the school today. He inspires his students and demonstrates that learning is an investment we make in ourselves. He is a great teacher and a great person.

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