Senior Perspective on THE GAME

Gresham Walmsley ’17 and Sutton Mahon ’17walmsley_gresham_6_11806mahon_sutton_6_-12125

Three years ago we jumped into charter buses and traveled to Alexandria for our first game. We were aware of the significance of the game, but the anticipation was not nearly as big. We were riding a six game win streak, and did not expect that streak to end. It almost felt as if we took winning for granted after multiple years of dominating performances. As we all piled in the Dust Bowl, a crowd of EHS students sat across from us. We looked at them with a strange competitiveness. The feeling came out of nowhere, but just came natural to us, we didn’t know why we felt this way– but we did.
The following year, the entire school community was shocked by an unexpected loss. The true competitiveness was revived, we felt like if we beat them more than 7 times in a row, it would no longer be a rivalry: but a continual onslaught. Nonetheless, the anticipation leading up to the game, and the game atmosphere was tremendously intensified.

mrs rob

From left to right: Back row: William Poole ’15, Thompson Brock ’15, Teddy Garner ’15 Front Row: Bo Sheridan ’15, Mrs. Rob, Holden Fockler ’15

With a hard-fought tie last year, we do not know what to expect this year. It’s as if this year is worth both last year and this year’s game together, it is essentially overtime of last years controversial tie. This is by far the most anticipated game for the senior class. This is because our record has been 1-1-1, and the only other option is a canceled game– but we all know that will never happen.

Looking back on all four years it is hard to believe that is our last game, and it is a bittersweet moment. It is the last time we can participate, but is also the last time we can deliver a butt-whooping to the goons. This week has been full of emotion at the Forest. Everyone is gearing up as if there is a war coming. What makes this game even more significant is that it is Coach Alexander’s last game at Woodberry, and there is nothing else anyone wants to give him but a dub.seniors It is also the last time Lindell and Terell can tear up some high school DBs before they become Cavs next year. Also the last year Joe “steeze” Stephenson can crack some skulls before moving on to West point. The stakes are high, emotions even higher, and the Game is here.


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