Where will the Class of 2016 be in 20 years?

Mac Hereford ’16, Parker Jones ’16, Caleb Rogers ’16 & Robert Singleton ’16

Richmond Adams- Chatham Hall headmasterspencer andrews

Wyatt Alexander- DKE Rush Chair at Bama

Spencer Andrews- chasing iguanas

Evan Backer- 1st ever Woodberry Forest Rabbi

Ford Beazley- WFS headmaster

Austen Billingsley- Assistant Swim Coach to Colin Manning

Ford Boney- P90X Instructor

Billy Boyle- Bermuda’s snapchat repsam carter

Thompson Brock- Yeti Cooler tester

Taylor Brower- Lax coach at Country Day

Patrick Burke- Head of Woodberry IT

Sam Carter- Professional Valentine’s Day card writer

Jackson Case- Owner of Hawaiian Tattoo Parlor

Adrian Cheung- underpaid hard worker

Brian Cho- next Jeremy Lin

Jack Claiborne- Unhappily married to high school sweetheart with four kidsbanks cozart

Edwin Clement- Orthodontist

Walker Comer- FaceTiming mom when things get tough

Banks Cozart- relocating to Cleveland with the ole ball and chain

Felix Culmer- Still King of Richmond

Owen Dankworth- the next Krispy Kreme

Mikey Davenport- Living under the Barbee record boreds

Ben Debnam- Semi-professional mud wrestler

Cole Dickinson- hanging out with washed up cheerleadersrobert edwards

Chapman Dossett- Griffin stall

Edo Douglass- Augusta greenskeeper

Robert Edwards- Figure 8 real estate developer

Lisle Elliman- living off the trust fund

Peter Ellis- relocating to Compton

Holden Fockler- St. Chris assistant lacrosse coach

Brendan Foster- still on a gap yearspencer goodwin

Teddy Garner- Gucci kiosk vendor of the Charlotte Mall

Graham Goldstein- extra in Teenwolf

Spencer Goodwin- adopted by Monahan

Ryan Grady- Glover Center

Stephen Guo- karate instructor

David Gussler- Geek Squad team leader

Henry Hartmann- owner of Domino’s chain with the bird

Whit Hathaway- TFM columnistwhit hathaway

Darby Henagan- still flipping tables

Mac Hereford- University of Alabama preferred walk-on water boy

Jose Hernandez- gone to the roots

Sam Hillhouse- A-dorm

Andrew Holmes- Woodberry wrestling coach

Richie Humble- sink salesman

William Hunt- dog whispereriPhone Image 58CC37

Bolling Izard- back for round 2 with Gray

Daniel Japhet- Lower Anderson bathroom

Robin Jin- studying under Floyd Maywhether

Lionel Johnson- snorkeling instructor

Parker Jones- climbing onstage at the Bonfire

Robin Kay- breaking fly rods

Jimmy King- Little Ceaser’s sign dancer

Peter Knade- keepin’ it high and tight

Wilson Legg- AWOL

Iain Leggit- Building the wallpatrick mcdonald

Richard Madden- Ray Smith

Patrick McDonald- back with mellen

Garrett McKee- sad clown

Mack McMillian- playin’ pickup in the Dick Gym

Justin Mitchell- caught blood doping

Chase Monroe- SMU assistant club lacrosse coach

Tommy Mulry- intro at buzzfeed

Tuan Anh Nguyen- the Dark Knighttommy mulry

Andy Park- Masseuse

Bo Pettegrew- Lake Huron tour boat guide

John Pittman- Mr. Hale

William Poole- complaining

Logi Portugal- DB for the Giants

Oliver Postic- Watching Arsenal with Mr. Jacobs

Rob Prater- On Dancing with the Stars

Thomas Radke- still with WyattWyatt Alexander Thomas Radke

Garnett Reid- shuckin’ and truckin’

Evans Riviere- gettin’ that cake

Gray Robertson- Embezzling from WFSPN

Zach Roderick- Canadian Football League

Caleb Rogers- World Renowned rice and beans chef

Jack Sari- El Vaq

Bo Sheridan- still hangin’ with teens at the Gapbo sheridan

Jordan Silberman- Sheriff of Louisa County

Shep Sims- Chubbies model

Robert Singleton- Kevin Bennert

Win Sompayrac- Len Mills

Nick Switzer- still awkward on land

Jared Thalwitz- Mr. Jared Hogan

Roy Toston- protestor

Diego Valenzuela- el chapo jr.diego valenzuela

William von Hassell- city councilman in Orange, VA

Harry Ware- still in HQ

Jim Welsh- bald

David Williams- crushing things with his neck

David Willis- still salty

Keeling Wood- flashlight hand model

Clark Yarbrough- GNC salesman

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