Editor’s Note: April 2016

Caleb Rogers ’16

Siri told me earlier today that the weather might just reach 85 degrees this week. After the prediction of snow just two weeks ago, this is a major improvement. Woodberry also seems to be on the up and up. After yet another dismal winter, we are well on our way to Formal, the pool opening, a warm river, and, for some, graduation.

But with the weather change comes a change in us too. Windows open, fans turn on, and the great tradition of 7-iron golf starts up again. In the span of a week, this place becomes more enjoyable and less constrictive.

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The Class of 2015 in the traditional Senior Slide

No one knows this better than the seniors. For four years we have looked forward to and counted the days until senior spring and the senior slide. The literal senior slide, pictured above, looks like a fun way to spend an hour or two. Most of us seem to be more interested in senior slide of academics, though, lasting all spring. Come warm weather, suddenly we don’t underline in the nightly readings or study much for a friday test or write down every bit of detail on the SMART Boards.

To all concerned teachers and parents out there: the slide is not such a bad thing.

I caddied in the Alumni Golf Tournament over Reunion weekend. It was nine holes on a hot day and I was carrying a golf bag of someone almost 20 years my senior along with other caddies and alumni. Yet it was wildly enjoyable. For two and a half hours, us caddies were entertained by the back-and-forth stories and memorable moments the alumni shared with us. Each one of them had ten of their own about how they spent their time here. Unsurprisingly, not one alumnus mentioned lovely textbooks, studying, or taking notes.

The slide isn’t an overarching desire to leave Woodberry as fast as we can; bored of the pop quizzes and research papers. It’s instead our own understanding about that which is most important here. We use this extra freedom and time on our hands not to catch up on sleep, but to enjoy everything outside of the academic Woodberry. We spend more time with each other, all of us at the river, with a movie on dorm, at the athletic fields, or in the Fir Tree because that is what we will share with our own caddies 20 years from now on our Reunion weekend.

The alumni were so very appreciative of all Woodberry did for them with its rigorous academic setting; they believed the school got them where they are today. However, the only classroom-related stories they had were about the atrocities done in senior pranks. College acceptances now in hand, we have more time to enjoy the most important parts about the Forest. Senior Spring is our favorite because we can do more of what we love.

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Blooming flowers in front of the Walker Building prove spring is on the way

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