Mrs. Rob – A Cornerstone

Wilks Rogers ’19

When Woodberry boys reflect upon their Woodberry career, Mrs. Lee Robinson – or simply Mrs. Rob – often comes to mind. Mrs. Rob can be considered many things, but most importantly, she is a friend. She started working here in 1981, and watched her son Carl begin in 1982. She did not apply for a job here, but was talked into applying by Mrs. Sizemore. Mrs. Sizemore, Woodberry’s then wildly important and loved operator, told Mrs. Rob that they needed her and that she was going to work at Woodberry, but Mrs. Rob politely declined and went home. Mrs. Sizemore thankfully did not give up on the talent she saw and showed up at Mrs. Rob’s doorstep, gave her an application, and told her to fill it out and bring it back.

mrs rob

From left to right (Back row): William Poole ’16, Thompson Brock ’16, Teddy Garner ’16; (Front row): Bo Sheridan ’16, Mrs. Rob, Holden Fockler ’16

Mrs. Rob’s first job here was in the alumni office where she was responsible for recording the donations received by the school. She later moved on to recording grades for students as the assistant to the Academic Dean, then Mr. Paul Huber. Most recently, Mrs. Rob made her transition to the switchboard.

Mrs. Rob’s favorite times of year at Woodberry are during the spring and summer. She says it is because Woodberry is so beautiful and compared it to a resort. Mrs. Rob loves every day here and she says that her favorite parts of Woodberry are the students and teachers.

In the song “Mrs. Robinson” it says, “Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.” When I asked her, Mrs. Rob said she does, in fact, have a favorite place to stroll. During the summer she goes walking around the perimeter trail and during the winter she usually goes walking inside the Barbee Center. Another line in the song is, “Heaven holds a place for those who pray.” Mrs. Rob’s favorite memories of Chapel are the Christmas Candle Light services held each year. She loves all of the hymns, but particularly the carols.

Mrs. Rob was quite vague on her favorite Woodberry memory. All she said was that she was in a meeting with John Grinalds, Richard Barnhardt, Mike Collins, and Brendan O’Shea. She didn’t go into any detail but with a smile on her face she said it was her favorite memory of Woodberry.

There are few members of the faculty or staff here who can truly be considered an irreplaceable member of the community. It is not just because Mrs. Rob is a switchboard operator that the campus could not function without her. Without Mrs. Lee Robinson, Woodberry would be without a crucial cornerstone.


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