Woodberry Winter

Sam Carter ’16

Boys, we did our best. Fighting off the winter well into December was a valiant effort. We left for Christmas break wearing shorts and t-shirts but sadly, winter’s finally come. Hopefully Santa brought everyone what they wanted for Christmas, although I never did get that Pulitzer prize.  But now comes the hard part: the frozen hair, the hundreds of Barbour jackets and the manly bean boots. The basketball team is hovering right around .500 and I’m just sitting around waiting for Coach K to hit me up with that offer. Apparently Dr. Erb thinks squash is a real sport now. They’re running more than track these days. Track still spends two-thirds of practice warming up while Mr. Guldin looks longingly through the pool window wishing people actually wanted to swim. Honestly, nobody wants to do much of anything this time of year. Juniors are finally realizing these are the most important grades of their life and they better step it up. Thankfully, through all this, Craig Heath’s got our backs with delicious winter delicacies and brain food to keep the moral up.

Despite all the struggles we have to endure during the winter, it always serves as a time to strengthen friendships and build character. There’s something special about binge watching an entire season of House of Cards with your friends on a Saturday. Long Winter Weekend provides a much needed break for the freshmen to go back home and throw down, then tell everybody how much fun they had come Monday. Spring break is right around the corner and with college apps in, the senior slide can officially begin. All in all, the winter brings us together and helps make Woodberry a truly unique, sometimes desolate place.  

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