What is the Woodberry Cup?

Ellis McKay ’18


The Woodberry Cup, Woodberry’s newest activity, is viewed in many different lights by different people. Some say that there is no point in the cup and it is a waste of time; they would rather be in class. Others say that there is a point to the Woodberry Cup but simply do not want to associate with it quite yet. Then there are the enthusiasts.  These people love the cup and everything that it stands for. They enthusiastically participate and enjoy the comradery.  With which group might you find you have the most in common?


Team meeting led by team captain Bo Sheridan ’16 and faculty advisor Denis Houyoux before attempting to solve a mystery


Terrell Jana ’17 helps his team solve a mystery

For those of you who are just hearing about the Woodberry Cup, it is a series of activities which take part during the course of the school year aiming to crown the best cup team. These activities include football, handball, chess, and scavenger hunts, just to name a few. Activities take place once a week and are headed by 6th former Graham Goldstein, ‘The Commissioner’. Once a month there is a Woodberry Cup week, where Wednesday is converted to an academic half day and the afternoon is dedicated to the cup.  There are eight teams consisting of people from each form and headed by a faculty leader, some of which meet once a week.

Another question you might be asking is why Woodberry added the Woodberry Cup. The cup, which was created by Dr. Hulsey and executed by faculty, was put in place in order to grow the Woodberry community. Before the addition of the cup, people from different forms would not know each other because they had no reason to interact. However, now people from all forms come together to seek one united goal, to win the at-hand competitions. This leads to students interacting with students from other grades which they would otherwise have no reason. This in turn builds the Woodberry community and ultimately makes us more like a family. Another advantage to the cup is to build leadership and understanding. This is due to compromises, grouping, and leading which are used by each cup team at every event.


Terrell Jana ’17 helps his team solve a mystery

Another question which you might be asking is where the cup is heading. I hope that in the future the Woodberry Cup will be a valuable tradition of the school, instilled in every boy that comes here. I do not think this can happen overnight, yet I think with time, future tigers will embrace and love the cup more and more.

Due to the qualities the Woodberry Cup instills, the unity it brings to the school, and the camaraderie that it builds, I am a strong believer in the Woodberry Cup. The cup’s rallying cry and main message is “Work Hard, Build Your Character, and Take Care of Each Other!” I hope that you will join me in helping make the Woodberry Cup a tradition that Tigers year after year will embrace and love.


Some competitive corn hole while wearing goggles that distort vision

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