Fantasy Football at the Forest

Sutton Mahon ’17

Everyone loves having a good football team to root for: the memorabilia, the excitement, and the thrill of being a part of a winning program. Especially coming from Woodberry, we love talking about football because our team is respectably good. However, the one thing we love talking about just as much as football is fantasy football. Whether it’s your ‘everyday guys’ league that is an excuse to get out of work by doing countless hours of research or the league where each and every player is so involved that an insult to a man’s team is equivalent to an insult to his mother, the boys at The Forest spend a great deal of time building their rosters..

With pride on the line, fantasy football can often be a great way to get sidetracked during study hall, as many try to figure out the perfect lineup. In reality, there is almost never a perfect football lineup, but there was one that was pretty close– Woodberry’s team. After transferring Woodberry’s ideal lineup for fantasy football and calculating stats into points, I realized that this team is much better than most of your fantasy teams by far. Don’t believe me? I will let the stats do the talking.

Below lie stats for some of Woodberry’s best players, farther below are their closest equivalents in the NFL.

Woodberry After 11 games

QB- Lindell Stone 3494 all purpose yards 39 Touchdowns 8 Interceptions 279 points

25.4 avg

RB- Evans Riviere 1090 rush yards 12 Touchdowns 123 rec. yards 193.3 points,

17.6 avg

WR- Zach Roderick 1219 rec. yards 16 Touchdowns 31 rush yards 221 points,

20.1 avg

WR- Terrell Jana 1082 rec. yards 13 Touchdowns 0 rush yards 186 points,

17 avg

K- Wyatt Alexander 54 PAT 8 field goals Only one missed FG 78  points,

7.1 avg

Defense 27 sacks 14 Interceptions 9 Fumbles recovered 73 points,

6.7 avg

NFL Stars After 11 Games (added game if bye)

QB- Cam Newton 2893 all purpose yards 26 total touchdowns 9 interceptions 240 points,

21.8 avg

RB- Adrian Peterson 1156 rush yards 8 Touchdowns 183 rec. yards 179.6 points,

16.3 avg

WR- Antonio Brown 1192 rec. yards 6 Touchdowns 28 rush yards 152 points,

13.9 avg

WR- Julio Jones 1245 rec. yards 6 Touchdowns 0 rush yards 163 points,

14.8 avg

K-Mason Crosby 25 PAT 19 field goals 2 field goals missed 82 points,

7.5 avg.

Carolina DEF 26 sacks 15 interceptions 11 fumbles 78 points,

7.1 avg



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