Semi-formal 2016

Warren Matthews ’18


Woodberry Forest Semi-formal 2016

“I will survive,” sang Gloria Gaynor in the background.

It is not a myth that many Woodberry students struggle through the current [winter] trimester. Semi-formal is seen by some as a great release from the harshness of the new trimester and return from Christmas break. Girls from all over the country come to Woodberry to try on their dancing shoes and simply let loose on the dance floor with Woodberry guys. Mrs. Stakem does a great job organizing this awesome weekend, whether it be from picking the band to making sure all of the tables are perfectly arranged.


Graham Goldstein ’16 puts on the moves on the dance floor.


Richmond Adams ’16 and date pose for the camera

For an Alabama student, going home proves to be quite a challenge other than on the large school breaks, so when girls from home get to come spend a weekend with us, it means a great deal. In what has become somewhat of a tradition for Woodberry, around twenty girls from Alabama load up in a caravan for an eleven to twelve hour drive to the Forest in order to attend the semi-formal. With good company, the weekend flies by in the blink of an eye. First, everyone dresses up and piles into the Walker Lobby for what feels like one thousand pictures. After the pictures, the real festivities begin, thoroughly distracting us from all of the homework and tests. After approximately three hours, the swinging, singing, and swooping comes to an end all too soon. The next day we have to watch the caravan head on back, but there is a silver lining. The weekend always brings with it thoughts of future breaks and good times at home. The winter will come and pass, but we will push through and keep our heads up. Every year we head back to dorm, quietly humming “Shama Lama Ding Dong” in our heads… 


The band draws out the crowd, including Thompson Brock ’16

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