Editor’s Note – December 2015

Caleb Rogers ’16

I think if Santa were real (sorry new-boys) his work ethic would the same one seen across campus right now. This strange, three-week limbo between breaks always serves as a time of hard work riddled with anticipation. Though not exactly the school year’s midpoint, it stands firmly as a dividing time.

Woodberry’s annual prolonged fall start always comes to an end on January 5th or so. Though the first few days back after Christmas break are always a struggle, the momentum has been built, expectations are set, which collectively allows the school year to progress at a rapid pace. Once we come back, it feels as if Semi is not too far off, and farther but-not-too-far from that, spring break can be seen just barely over the horizon. And just like that the spring is here and our year seems soon to finish.

Though June seems far away now, year after year it again finds a way to sneak up, always peeking around the corner, surprising us at the last moment and when we least expect it. Let us all remain steadfast in our work and perseverance, unless, of course, you are part of the lucky few already into college. Just as 2015 is somehow almost over, our school year is closing quickly too.

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